Speech production is a very complex skill, involving precise co-ordination of oral movements and monitoring of sensory feedback. We do not know exactly how the brain controls speech, or why this process is affected in some people, resulting in stuttering. Transcranial direct current brain stimulation (tDCS) has been used to improve speech skills in some [...]

In the media

StutterTalk with Jen Chesters Jen Chesters interviewed for StutterTalk about the results of her research trial recently published in Brain, which used brain stimulation to improve fluency in people who stutter. BBC Radio Oxford – International Stammering Awareness Day On International Stammering Awareness Day 2018, Professor Kate Watkins talked to BBC Radio Oxford about stammering/stuttering and the INSTEP Trial. [...]

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We have finished data collection!!  Thank you to all our volunteers - we're so grateful for your participation! Now we're looking at all the data - we'll keep this website updated with any news. We are no longer recruiting for this project. However, please feel free to use the 'contact us' form if you'd like [...]

International Stammering Awareness Day 2019!!

It’s International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD) - hooray! The INSTEP trial has been busy!!  So far,  35 wonderful volunteers have helped us with this research by taking part in the trial - THANK YOU! That means we’re very nearly finished but we still need a few more people to take part, so if you’d like [...]